Brian Keane

Tumbling Cube Pyramid | Oil on Wood 8 3/4 x 8 3/4 x 5 inches|2023


Chill? But what anger bubbles beneath this hill?
Everyone trying to grab hold but they’re ready to explode. It’s the spirit of old we no longer behold. Remember that Moses was meek, strength under control, Let My People Go. Eternal teachings spark the fires that transform desire. It starts within and travels without, there is no doubt.
Wandering adrift, amiss, unstable and unable, only false hope in the latest dope. Stumbling through lands bereft and barren, humbled to find some peace of mind. Take root and grow don’t wait till it’s too late. Peace is within our reach, or so we preach.
The smith tempers the sword to receive his reward. Turn off, tune in, and drop into the infinite spirit waiting at the door. In fact, chillness requires stillness. Seeking the ancient teaching. Meditation without hesitation. Sacred worlds are calling us home.